Work Hard, Play Hard


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Boxing Gym in Thorne, Doncaster


ABA provides boxing training for children, giving them discipline, providing positive male and female role models, and setting  standards that will stay with them for a lifetime.  From the age of 8, children are welcomed to Almond Boxing Academy to reap the rewards of their own hard work and dedication – showing hard work really does pay off.

Our junior classes are designed for older children, up to the age of 16.  These no-nonsense classes challenge and develop their boxing skills in a more mature environment.  The strength, fitness, discipline, and commitment these children develop not only prepares them for our adult classes but gives them skills they can take out of the gym to become well-rounded individuals.

Our adult classes are designed to push you to your limit and beyond…  Think you’re tough?  You’ll have to dig deep and prove your mettle to reap the maximum benefit that these training sessions have to offer.  The professional coaches at Almond Boxing Academy can develop amateur, novice boxers into confident, skilled fitness machines.